In a fast growing and technologically exceeding world where everything is just one click away, it is a must for all the websites that provides respective facilities to have all the required content in a systematic and easily accessible manner with an eye catching overview of the website to grab user attention. Now, this is where web designing part comes along.

Web designing is a multi-disciplinary field in which an individual not only has to master design( typography, layout ) and presentation skills but also the programming part where he/ she might need to develop required codes for animations and interactions using various languages viz., CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc. Although a web designer mainly works on the appearance of website and tries to create a web design that is simple and straight but aesthetically soothing to the user and covers majority of aspects that the website provides, which in some cases might include content writing. A web designer can do so by using two most common methods of web designing –

1) Responsive web design – This is a type of web designing method in which the content of the website adapts itself according to the screen size, resolution, platform. All assets of website adjusts themselves so that it would give a comfortable view to the user on any device, but while doing so a web designer must be careful of how the finished product is going to appear in different resolution and that it should not compromise with the content.


2) Adaptive web design – This a type of web designing method in which the content of website is fixed in layout sizes that match common screen sizes, so no matter on what resolution or screen one is viewing the website, the present content would appear in same layout on all screens, which may become crucial problem and might affect user trust and engagement.

These methods offer great freedom to play with designs once mastered.

Web designing is artistic representation of website’s content and is a crucial factor for any website as it influences user’s perception and tells what the website has to offer in an easy and artistic manner without causing any confusion. For any website to attract large array for users, web designing is the need of the hour and with a good web design the website has freedom to promote its content confidently.